Community Service

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Rasulullah, peace be upon him, preferred to do most of his household work himself. He participated fully in community activities and shared responsibilities when he travelled.

Once, Rasulullah was traveling with his Sahaba (companions). In the evening the caravan stopped. They pitched their tents and began preparations for dinner. Everyone divided the various responsibilities, such as kindling the fire and slaughtering the animals for the meal.

A Sahabi told Rasulullah, "O Prophet of Allah, we are your companions and there are enough of us to care for the camp. You do not have to work. You should rest."

Rasulullah said, "No, I am no better than any other human being. I am one of you and I should participate in the work."

Then he chose the task of bringing wood for the fire. He walked out to the woods and returned with dry kindling. The Sahaba lit the fire and cooked dinner.

Rasulullah set an example for the community leader. In one of his traditions he advises the Ummah, "The leader of the community is their servant."